Telephone Line Security

Are you worried about the threatening calls or other security threats over your telephone lines? Then Creative IT has the perfect solution for you. Creative IT offers advanced security services for all prospective clients. We are the leading providers of telephone line security, in association with the world famous secure communication service provider- Snapshield. telephone line security

Securing telephone lines from eavesdroppers is a demanding task, but Creative IT can take care of the entire process for you. Our systems can detect even the most sophisticated electronic surveillance that other systems fail to sense, and permit only an authorized caller to enter the system. Our systems are also capable of identifying wiretapping as well as snooping if any, at the beginning and the termination of a telephone call..

Sometimes your telephone can be the most serious threat to your privacy. So the filtering of calls for your telephone lines is made possible with the help of our new and improved technology

Our scrambling devices can help you make your telephone conversation unintelligible for eavesdroppers during transmission. These tactical devices can keep your conversation protected from electronic bugs and also monitor and alert you on snooping attempts.

We also provide Snapgate, an inexpensive telephone line security unit, developed by Snapshield, which can be normally installed on the telephone network to act as multi line encryption gateway. It can be interfaced to private networks as well as large corporate PABX. With the help of Snapfone, the subscriber receives the visual indication of the telephone number and the name of the caller. A secured channel is made between Snapfone and Snapgate over which all communication will be carried out. For communication between two subscribers who use Snap services, an end-to-end security is offered. We have also introduced Snaptrunk, an encryption gateway, which protects the telephone systems and other infrastructure from any external attacks over public switched telephone network (PSTN).

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