Telephone Line Encryption

Are you facing security threats over your telephone lines? Then don’t panic. We, at Creative IT, offer you the best telephone line encryption using the most sophisticated systems. We offer a wide range of encryption services to our clients in collaboration with Snapshield, the most reliable secured communication service provider in the UK. telephone line encryption

We use the best digital encryption systems available to secure the voice communication over telephones. These devices which can be easily connected to your telephone lines, allow easy and automatic encryption of your messages. They block unauthorized and harassing telephone calls.

We provide telephone encryption in order to secure your private communication as well as your personal information from others. Our telephone line encryption can protect your office as well as business phone calls from being monitored by snoopers. With our devices people are free to talk over telephones without any risk of the information being tapped

Snapshield’s Snapfone is a compact encryption termination unit which can secure all telephone and fax communication over both public and private communication networks. It offers the highest level of security and telephone line encryption with negligible voice latency. It works well with the COTS (commercially of the shelf product) telephones and fax equipment, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality of all telephone and fax communications. It can also be configured with the PABX (private automated branch exchange) in a way that is transparent to the end user. Another advantage of Snapfone is that you can program it with a list of telephone numbers to which all calls which have their origin within an organization can be secured. So when you dial these programmed numbers, the calls will be secure.

Snapshield has also introduced a unique device called Snapgate which act as an encryption gateway situated at the premises of telecommunications provider, set up at any spot of occurrence in the public switched telephone network (PSTN). This device functions as an intelligent switch, providing encrypted channels when interacting with end user devices.

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