PS3 Power Supply Repair

Are you a PS3 gaming console owner experiencing problems relating to the power supply unit of your Play Station 3? At Creative IT, we can help you get relief from any type of annoying problem you have with your PS3. We are specialists in repairing most new generation IT products including gaming consoles from major companies such as SONY. To meet the increasing needs of PS3 owners in the UK and London for a reliable servicing center, Creative IT offers various PS3 hardware and software services in London.ps3 power supply repair

As with any other electronic device, power supply has a major role in the effective functioning of the PS3, and timely rectification of power supply issues need to be done to avoid further complexities. To meet high standards in repairing, at Creative IT, our staffs are highly trained and experienced to identify all common problems with your PS3, including faults occurring in the power supply unit.

Our PS3 power supply repair aims at troubleshooting and identifying power supply unit problems in all makes and models of Play Station Portable (PSP) including the latest PS3.

Although the PS3 has a universal power supply which requires no modification, the unit can become faulty due to voltage compatibility issues when the unit needs to be operated in a region, where it is not intended to be used. The power variations can directly affect hard disks, motherboard or the audio/video system of your PS3. At Creative IT, we can foresee such issues and provide complementary solutions.

Apart from undertaking PS3 power supply repairs, we can also identify and rectify other common problems which can lead to malfunctioning of your PS3 in the near future. To ensure long lasting performance, we use only genuine components for all replacements in your PS3. As a customer oriented service center, we offer all our PS3 services in a highly affordable, reliable and timely manner.

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